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Turkey Oak Bonsai Tree (Quercus cerris)

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Turkey Oak Bonsai Tree (Quercus cerris) with lovely trunk taper - elegant bonsai with lovely lobed leaves.

Product Code: OD2298

Height (cm): 40
Pot Size (cm): 21 x 16
Trunk Diameter (cm): 2
Bonsai Pot: Cream rectangular bonsai pot.
Deciduous Outdoor Bonsai

Turkey Oak (Quercus cerris) 
Native to the Mediterranean areas the Turkey oak makes a handsome bonsai with dark green, fury leaves with deep cut lobes. The turkey oak can be very late to lose its foliage in the autumn and often retains some foliage during mild winters. It is an easy tree to care for and should be shaped by pruning. The trunk thickens nicely and the bark is dark grey giving the bonsai a silhouette look.


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