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Amazing Mother’s Day Maple Bonsai Gifts

[...] your search! We are pleased to introduce our new outdoor maple tree range , exclusively for Mother’s Day to give [...] transitioning of vibrant colours throughout the seasons. Our judiciously chosen maple for our Mother’s Day range is the ‘Katsura’; its [...] beginners and professionals alike. Most significantly for Mother’s Day, the maple is symbolic of unconditional kindness, understanding and gratitude, making

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Maple / Acer palmatum Bonsai

Maple bonsai are perhaps one of the most fascinating of [...] the next, setting each and every plant apart. The different maple species include a variety of captivating appearances and sizes [...] the Japanese Maple ‘ Acer palmatum ’ and the Field Maple (English Maple) which is also known as ‘Acer campestre

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Japanese Maples (Acer palmatum) as outdoor bonsai

[...] sometimes known as “helicopters” or “whirlybirds”. The attributes of the maple family as bonsai trees is endless – beautiful colour, [...] shape. One of the favourites is the Japanese Red Maple ( Acer palmatum deshojo ). The latin name [...] When considering the attributes of maple bonsai it is important not to overlook the

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