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  1. Hi,

    My bonsai tree has dried out whilst I have been away and has dropped all of its leaves, I have been watering it regularly keeping the soil moist but no new shoots have appeared. I scraped some of the trunk to see if it was still green underneath and it is but only quite low down to the base of the tree, the rest (it seems from the couple of other places I checked) are brown and woody after scraping into it a little. Is my tree going to revive and whats the best way of going about caring for it, I really don’t want it to die and am upset that it has shown no signs of recovery over the last week. thanks.

    1. Dear Lucy,
      It will take at least 8 weeks to see any sign of improvement.
      Please keep the soil damp (and not too wet).
      When a bonsai dries out the worst affected area is always the top (Furthest from the roots and water).
      I suspect the bonsai will reshoot from the base. When this happens allow the shoots to get really long and wrap them around the trunk and branches. Use the current shape of the bonsai as a skeleton.
      I hope this helps
      kind regards
      Sarah – Bonsai Direct

  2. Hi

    Some of the Leafs on my bonsia tree have small black spots that apear to be withering away the leaves. Ive picked off most of them and was just wondering what could be the cause

  3. Hi Jonathan,
    It may be a good idea to spray with a fungicide.
    It could have ‘black spot’ but this is very easy to treat.
    A preventative spray once a month is always a good idea.
    If you use something like RoseClear it will prevent pests too.
    I hope this helps
    kind regards Sarah

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