The art of bonsai is without doubt a fantastic art form. With all the different species of trees (of which there are thousands) from Oaks to Pines and the different ways in which they grow , tall, slender, short, broad, upward, downward, in groups or with rocks. The list is endless. It would take many lifetimes to understand this timeless and endless art.

Like everything the best place to start in the art of bonsai is at the beginning. By taking the time to learn the basic needs of bonsai the grower will be rewarded with a healthy and thriving tree, which over the years can be trained into a beautiful living work of art.

I have written a book and produced DVD’s to help people understand the basics of keeping bonsai and to enable them to enjoy and get the most from their tree and for their tree to get the most from them. Please follow this bonsai link should you be interested.

Bonsai ~ THE ART

The art of growing miniature trees in ornamental pots has been practised for centuries, first in China, then Japan and gradually all over the world.

A bonsai should mimic its full grown counterparts, but also maintain a presence of artistic grace and beauty. When growing bonsai it is important never to lose touch with nature, as that is where the essence of the art lies.

A bonsai is more than an ornamental tree. Growing bonsai allows us to work with, explore, watch, appreciate and learn from nature.

I hope you enjoy our bonsai.