The story of my bonsai tree so far…

Hi, my name is Emily, I was given my first bonsai from a friend as a present for my birthday. I loved it and decided I wanted to keep it on my bedroom window sill. Here I could see it every morning and also remember to look after it.

I made sure I watered it every few days and pruned it when it was overgrown. However, due to the lack of light in my room, I moved it to a sunnier spot; the kitchen window. My Bonsai seemed happier here, where there was more sunlight. Since I, like my bonsai, enjoy the sun, I went on holiday shortly after repositioning my it.


Whilst I was away, I was not able to look after my bonsai, and since I didn’t arrange for anyone to help care for it whilst I was away, my bonsai wasn’t so happy when I came back home. The leaves were brown, the soil was dry, and I was concerned that my tree may be dead. I did not want to give up on my bonsai so soon, so I decided to begin watering and pruning my tree as I had done before, and my tree grew new buds and tiny green leaves again.

However, later in the year, when the weather was colder, I made the mistake of, again neglecting my tree and so it struggled to grow and lost its leaves. Although my tree, managed to grow new leaves, it does not look as healthy and beautiful as it did when it was given to me. I should have been more tentative and less neglecting of my tree and made sure it had the water, and conditions it needed

Thankfully, this was not the end of the road for my bonsai. After taking the time to re-pot, prune, water my bonsai, the tree looked as beautiful as it had done before. My bonsai will now be healthy and happy again in its sunny spot in my kitchen window. Getting the care and attention it needs.