A few tips from Lloyd Noall about Autumn Bonsai care:

  • In Autumn, Bonsai growth will slow, so please take extra care with the watering. Please keep the soil just damp as your bonsai will require less water during cooler days. Do not be caught out -the sun could still pop out!
  • Continue to feed all indoor bonsai weekly with Bonsai Direct Fertiliser. Deciduous outdoor bonsai should be fed until the end of October or when the leaves drop. Evergreen outdoor bonsai, such as pines & junipers, can be fed once a month.
  • Please place outdoor bonsai in a more sheltered position in the garden or an unheated greenhouse. Ensure they are checked for water on warmer days.
  • Ensure indoor bonsai are in a bright position as the daylength is now reducing.
  • Protect your indoor bonsai from cold draughts. They prefer an even temperature.
  • Mist indoor bonsai twice a week with Bonsai Mist. This will help counteract dry air caused by central heating and give your bonsai a conditioning to enhance leaf growth.
  • Finally, enjoy any seasonal changes ….

All the best Lloyd

Top tips from Bonsai Master Lloyd Noall - Growing bonsia in autumn

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