WOW - Phenomenal Multi-trunk English Maple Specimen Bonsai

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This is the bonsai you will receive!

An outstanding English Maple (Acer campestre), the most hardy of maples with wonderful leaf shape and striking spring and autumn foliage colour.
A very well proportioned bonsai with lush canopy and fabulous taper. As a bonsai it has the most superb character, emphasised by its powerful stature and striking root flare. This gracefully flows to its two main trunks, beautifully hollowed between, which support a wonderful open spreading canopy. This Maple is grounded in a terracota-red pot, engraved on one side with Japanese lettering.
A bonsai that is often highly under-rater, the English Maple is, in fact, stunning and easy to care for. It is a fine native tree, that becomes embelished with small green flowers and typical winged maple fruits as it matures.

Bonsai care handbook included.
For more details on this bonsai, please view the video below the main image :)