Attractive Premium Indoor Chinese Elm With Stylized Sweeping Trunk

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This is the bonsai you will receive!

This Chinese Elm (Ulmus parviflolia) has the most exceptionally refined shape, with its open branch shape exposing its elegantly curving trunk.
Its branches are full of dense, green, glossy foliage which are complemented with its immensely flaring, exposed roots.
This bonsai boasts perfect proportions as well as easy care, making it a firm favorite for bonsai beginners and professionals alike. 
The Chinese Elm Bonsai is symbolic of love, calm, intuition, and inner strength, making this the perfect gift for someone in a new and difficult phase of their life. 
Hollows on the trunk and the exposed roots give the tree a personal character and further exhibit its symbolic meaning. 
Alongside your bonsai will come a nestled ornament, complementing the ivory, glazed ceramic pot and matching drip tray.

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