January 2011 Newsletter ~ Re-potting Outdoor Bonsai

What a start to the new year! We still have temperatures well below freezing; it was -8oC here last night (at least the sun is shining during the day). We have started to bring in a few outdoor bonsai to thaw the rootballs slowly so that we can start our re-potting program.

Outdoor bonsai which require re-potting should be re-potted between now and March (before the buds start to swell). You will probably not have quite so much re-potting to do as we do, so I would recommend making a start towards the end of February; hopefully the very cold snap will have passed by then. Obviously if you start your re-potting early you'll need to give any recently root pruned/re-potted bonsai some un-heated protection during this really cold weather because the roots will be weakened.

This season we shall be re-potting oaks, maples, beech, ash, hornbeam, hawthorn and many more. We should have new stock photographed and visible on our website when they come into leaf from about May.

For those of you who are unsure of what to do when re-potting or would like more information I have produced a Bonsai Root Pruning and Re-potting DVD which I'm sure you will find useful. Until the end of February this is avaliable to you at the special offer price of £7.99 by entering the promotional code LLOYDS DVD on the first page of the checkout.
This DVD covers re-potting of both indoor and outdoor bonsai.

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