Arran's questions about how to look after his Chinese Elm Indoor Bonsai

  1. arran says:

    hi im a beginer got a chinese elm is it good place to put on window seal it say not in direct sunlight but surely it needs some sun on its leaves and do i leave water in the tray aslong as i seprate it with stones from pot .

    • Bonsai Direct says:

      Dear Arran,
      Thank you for your enquiry. A windowsill can be a great place for a bonsai for most of the year. It would get good daylight there but could also suffer from scorch in the middle of summer, so I would recommend a cooler location during mid summer if the window you are talking about gets hot.
      kind regards

  2. arran says:

    what do they mean by not direct sunlight what about trees in the wild how do the stay out of direct sunlight

    • Bonsai Direct says:

      Dear Arron,
      Trees in the wild can get their water from long roots under ground, bonsai reply on you giving them water so this is why we recommend a position out of direct sun. In a very hot position during mid summer you may need to water 4 times a day and the bonsai will not be able to transpire quickly enough to take up this water. Please move the bonsai to a cooler place in mid summer.

  3. arran says:

    if you email me i can attach where i put in a bay window

  4. arran says:

    also shall i leave water in humidity tray if i serprate the pot from the tray with pebbbles

    • Bonsai Direct says:

      Yes, Please leave some water in the tray. You have the right idea , if you want to leave some water in the tray this helps keep the humidity up round the bonsai , this is especially good when the central heating is on.
      However, you are correct in suggesting standing on pebbles. If the bonsai stood directly in water the roots would rot over a period of time.

  5. arran says:

    and on my branches there tiny bit of green algae on the end what do i do leave it or ???

  6. arran says:

    also some green leafs fallen off dont no weather this is because ive just been sent it and its still stressed please could someone help me out with my questions today will be very grate full

    • Bonsai Direct says:

      It is very normal to lose some of the older leaves (not usually the growing tips) within the first 3 weeks of having a new bonsai. The bonsai simply re-acclimatises and at this time of year the new shoots will open quickly. Please keep and eye on the watering and make sure your bonsai does not dry out. Water when the soil feels barely damp to the touch. I hope this helps and happy bonsai growing!


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