Great question from Daisy - symptoms of over-watering a Chinese Elm indoor bonsai tree.


Please could you give me some advice?
I bought a bonsai from you back in March and until about a month ago I had no problems, now it has started to lose leaves, with them turning brown/ black on the ends before falling off. It started in just one small area (branch) but now seems to be spreading across a larger area. The bonsai has continued to produce new shoots in these areas but the leaves don't seem to mature and just fall off, with some branches now almost bare! I have been regularly feeding and have just bought some plant invigorator in case this helps.
I would be grateful for any advice, I have attached some photos
With Thanks

Bonsai Direct reply:

Dear Daisy,
Thank you for your e-mail and photos.
I can see exactly what the problem is , slight over-watering.
The symptoms are classic , slight browning of the leaf tips and then they drop.
You may find the bonsai is a little more wobbly in the pot.
I am so pleased you have asked for advice at this early stage because all you need to do is reduce the watering a little.
Only water your bonsai when the soil is barely damp to the touch and then water well.
I would think that as the temperature has dropped the bonsai is using less water and so the roots are beginning to rot.
Please carry on with the same position and feeding, generally the bonsai looks great.
The SB Invigorator is very good. We use it weekly to prevent pests but it also feeds the bonsai and keeps it strong and healthy so please continue with this too.
I hope this helps
Kind regards

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