New question about bonsai indentification

We received this question today from Daisy:

would it be possible to tell me what type of bonsai this is, i know its only small but i would really appreciate any help as i would like to be able to care for it properly.

Thank you

We replied:

Dear Daisy,
Thank you for your photograph. I regret at the moment it is too young and the leaves are not well enough formed for us to determine what type of seedling it may be. Perhaps in a few months when the leaves have formed could you send us another image.
Watering is the most important thing at this stage.
Keep the soil moist (not wet otherwise it may rot). It has plenty of natural daylight so the position seems ideal.
Please do not feed it until it is grown another 6 inches.
I am sorry I cannot be of more help,
kind regards

2 thoughts on “New question about bonsai indentification”

  • norman

    i have a portulacaria afra 2years old
    bought 2months ago since starting to water
    new plant growth is appearing all around the pot looks like
    just green furry leaves
    can you explain please

    • Bonsai Direct

      It sounds as though the portulacaria has either produced Adventitious roots and the new plants are simply germinating from the new root or there is actually a strong weed root also growing in the pot and that has grown. If you could send us a photograph we might be able to advise further. Please send to Without a photo my recommendation would be to remove this new foliage.
      I hope this helps.

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