Question about removing wire on a bonsai

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Hi. Last year, I started wiring my bonsai. My bonsai grew quite a bit last year, so the wiring is cutting through the plant. I tried removing it but it will tear the bark of my plant. One part of the branch is covering up the wire. What should I do?
Please help.
Thank you.

Our reply:

Thank you for your enquiry. Please remove any wire that you can with a pair of bonsai wire cutters. In the area that the bark has covered you will have to leave the wire alone because the cambium layer now covers this area and you could do more harm than good.

For future reference, please check the wire on your bonsai every week, as if could get tight within just a few weeks and cause wire scarring. Please remove the wire completely as soon as the wire looks tight. You can then re-wire if necessary. I hope this helps.
all the best

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