Question from Lauren about weak roots on her Juniper Bonsai

Hi, I have a bonsai related question and wondered if you could help? I have a Juniper and its growing fine its just it seems a bit lose at the roots not as sturdy as I think it should be. Any tips?
Thank You

Bonsai Direct Reply:

Dear Lauren,
Thank you for your e-mail. Junipers are outdoor bonsai and like to be kept on the dryish side. They do not like to be overly wet. It is possible that after a wet winter the roots are beginning to rot. If you have an unheated glasshouse you could put it in there for a few weeks and only water when almost dry and give the roots chance to re-grow. Alternatively you could put a polythene bag over the roots but you would need to make sure the soil doesn't dry out. Hopefully we shall have some sun soon and it will be happier but I think that it is worth taking some measures.

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  • hannah

    Hi I bought my chinese pepper over a year a go. In October /November it lost all its leaves initially i thought it had died. I checked the bark and was delighted it was still alive. However the leaves still havent come back but the bark is green underneath.
    The tree normally sits on my half which is close to a large window, it seemed fine with the light up until it lost all its leaves. I water it when the soil feels like its dryiny out. The tree sits in a ceramic pot i bought it in

    • hannah

      I've only just foumd out about fertiliser, and the soil is the soil it was pkanted on at the shop which seems to hold water well. Please help I'd hate to give up on it whilst ita not given up amd still alive if there 's a way i can revive it

    • Bonsai Direct

      Hi Hannah,
      Please could you send me some photos to
      Can you tell me if the leaves changed colour when they dropped off or went crispy?
      Many thanks
      Sarah - Bonsai Direct

  • Elizabeth

    My bonsia is a focus microcarpa ginseng,I have had it about 6wks now,and all the leaves are falling off,can you help me please.thankyou

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