Bonsai in Autumn

We have received a few e-mails recently from concerned bonsai growers about caring for their bonsai during autumn and winter. We have therefore put together some tips which we hope you will find helpful.

  1. Temperatures at the moment fluctuate between hot and cold; it is therefore necessary to particular attention to the watering. For bonsai in a cold position please ensure you do not overwater; for indoor bonsai please bear in mind that your heating is likely to be on. Central heating can dry out the bonsai very quickly so please be extra vigilant.
  2. Light levels are changing and some yellow leaves are to be expected, even on evergreens. So please do not panic!
  3. Please stop feeding your outdoor bonsai at the end of October. Indoor bonsai should be fed all year round because they will continue to grow.

We would like to welcome you to our new website; we still have a few things to sort out so please bear with us. Please use our blog to express your ideas, experiences and concerns.

Many thanks

Lloyd Noall

4 thoughts on “Bonsai in Autumn”

  • Taryn


    I have just received my tree. It looks lovely, thank you.

    It is a gift for my boyfriend on Saturday. Can I leave it in the box until then or do I need to take it out and water?

    Kind Regards


    • Bonsai Direct

      Dear Taryn,
      I am so pleased you like the bonsai. The best thing to do is just check the soil with your finger. It will be fine today and tomorrow but may need watering by Friday.
      If the soil is damp to the touch then it is fine. Please just water when the soil feels barely damp (it usually goes a lighter colour). If you can give the bonsai some daylight and the wrap it up on Friday that would be best for the tree.
      I hope this helps
      all the best
      Bonsai Direct

  • peter

    i dont no if it is an indoor or outdoor the leaves on my tree are going dry,they are not going yellow,no details or manual with it
    brought for our 47 wedding aniversary
    can you please help
    regards pete

    • Bonsai Direct
      Bonsai Direct 15th May 2012 at 8:11 am

      Dear Pete,
      Thank you for your question.
      I think we should first try and identify what type of bonsai you have. It may be that you are keeping it in the wrong location. My initial thoughts are - has it got enough water? - we have had some sunny days! However, occasionally over-watering symptoms look similar to under-watering.
      Would you be kind enough to send me a photograph to so that I can identify the bonsai and look at the symptoms. I will then get back to your with some advice.
      Kind regards

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