Bonsai.... The ultimate in living works of art.

A Living Work of Artbonsai

Through bonsai we can now appreciate a little piece of nature in our own home. Bonsai can enhance a room and can somehow manage to bring an air of culture, calm and sophistication to create a truly unique ambiance.

Bonsai are living sculptures. They are easy to care for and will reward you with the simple pleasures of both nature and art.

For the perfectly simple touch to your home, or a unique gift for those who would appreciate something a little different ~ Bonsai are to be enjoyed.

The wonderful art of bonsai first evolved in China many centuries ago. Small landscapes and individuals trees can now be appreciated in a miniature scale. You no longer require ten acres of woodland to enjoy trees and nature, bonsai enable us to absorb this peace and tranquillity within the comfort of our own homes.

Bonsai Direct brings indoor bonsai and bonsai gifts to your door. All our bonsai are beautifully packaged and come complete with full care instructions. Why not buy a beautiful flowering Serissa instead of a bouquet of flowers. It should provide you with years of pleasure. For quality bonsai, grown by the experts ...... Bonsai Direct

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