Chinese Elm Indoor Bonsai

The Chinese Elm is one of my favourite bonsai. The leaves are small, bright to deep green and are slightly serrated. The tree has excellent twig structure and has great character throughout, making it the perfect representation of a woodland tree. After time the silvery bark gently peels and reveals shades of red and tan; giving rise to the name Lacebark Elm. In our opinion the Chinese Elm is the most perfectly proportioned, easy to care for and adaptable tree and makes a superb bonsai. The Lacebark Elm can be grown as an indoor or outdoor bonsai. The Chinese Elms are looking absolutely lovely at the moment; they have plenty of new growth and a lovely canopy of leaves. In my opinion this is the best bonsai to get you started. We stock Chinese Elm Bonsai of all shapes and sizes.

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