Chinese Sweet Plum Indoor Bonsai Tree

Chinese Sweet Plum Bonsai

Sageretia theezans

The Chinese Sweet Plum is a very pretty indoor bonsai which has great character at an early age due to the flaky bark revealing tones of red/tan. The stunning new foliage has hints of rusty red turning to glossy green. Small white flowers give rise to tiny plum-shaped fruits. I believe the Chinese Sweet Plum to be highly under-rated. It is very pretty, has great character and is easy to care for. The care requirements are similar to that of the Chinese Elm and it would compliment the Chinese Elm well.

2 thoughts on “Chinese Sweet Plum Indoor Bonsai Tree”

  • Mandy Rivers

    Aside from Chinese Elm and Chinese Sweet Plum, Japanese Maple can make a pretty bonsai too.

    • Bonsai Direct

      I totally agree, I love both the colour and shape of the maple foliage. It is worth remembering that the maples are outdoor bonsai whereas the Chinese Elm and Chinese Sweet Plum are usually classed as indoor bonsai trees.

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