Indoor Bonsai Ficus retusa (Fig Bonsai Tree)

Fig (Ficus retusa)
I think the Ficus is a highly under-rated bonsai. In my opinion the Ficus makes a fantastic indoor bonsai. The fig has dark green glossy leaves and is unusual in that it will tolerate lower light levels. The fig makes a fantastic indoor bonsai and should be protected from the frost. It buds back very quickly after pruning and has an immense amount of character in the truck and aerial root system. A very powerful bonsai, fun and easy to care for. It is also less susceptible to pest attack. Protect from cold (min 10oC).

I believe that bonsai growers are less enthusiatic about the ficus bonsai becuase the leaves are slightly larger; this is true but please still consider this lovely indoor bonsai tree.

The ariel roots are amazing, the ficus is a great beginners bonsai, it is not fussy and is very easy to care for. The Ficus retusa also prunes very well and new shoots emerge within a couple of weeks of hard pruning.

For bonsai growers with poor light levels the Ficus retusa would be my first recommendation. Please feed this bonsai at least every 2 weeks and check for water daily.

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