Variegated Indoor Bonsai Serissa foetida ~ tree of a thousand stars

Serissa (Serissa foetida)
The Serissa has small elongated leaves which are smooth around the edges. The bark has great character and is a beautiful beige colour. The added bonus being the beautiful star-shaped small white flowers experienced during mid-late summer. The Serissa is commonly known as 'the tree of a thousand stars' and makes a lovely flowering indoor bonsai tree.

We are now stocking a lovely variety of Serissa which has variegated foliage. The flowers are small, white and star shaped and this variety of serissa is hardier than the one with green foliage. The leaves are lovely; they are like a marbled blend of white and green.

We have found that the Serissa is a hungry bonsai and likes to be frequently fed with bonsai fertiliser. During the growing months I would recommend weekly feeds to achieve a lush full canopy of leaves.

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