Potting Bonsai Trees - A Step-by-Step Guide

Potting bonsai guide

Bonsai Master Lloyd Noall has designed a fantastic range of bonsai tree pruning, wiring & potting kits which are perfect for beginners who want hands on experience growing bonsai trees. They include Step-by-Step guides and online tutorials and are designed for you to learn how to grow a bonsai tree. These kits include a Chinese Elm (Ulmus parvifolia) bonsai tree chosen for their fantastic ability to re-grow quickly and make beautiful and artistic bonsai, ideal for beginners. These kits include the accessories required to prune, wire and re-pot beautiful bonsai.
Below you can watch Lloyd's Bonsai Potting Tutorial and see his step-by-step guide.
Learn from the master!

Bonsai Step by step potting guide

Bonsai potting step 1 Remove the rootball from the pot by carefully working around the edge of the soil with the spatula.

Bonsai potting step 2 Using the chopstick gently remove the soil from around the trunk base to expose any root flare.

Bonsai Potting Guide Step 3 Loosen the roots around the edge of the rootball with thechopstick. Tease outabout 1/4 of the rootball.

Bonsai Potting Guide Step 4 & 5 Step 4 - Cut back any loosened, straggly roots using the root shears to form a neat rootball.
Step 5a - Position the mesh over the drainage holes, securing it with clipsmade frombonsai wire.
Step 5b - Bend back the clips to secure the mesh in the pot.
Step 5c - Thread an anchor wire through the holes in the pot.
Step 5d- Sprinkle a thin layer of bonsai soil into the base of the pot.


Bonsai Pottig Guide Step 6 Step 6a - Position the bonsai slightly off centre for best view.
Step 6b - Add bonsai soil using the soil scoop.
Step 6c - Work the soil into existing rootball using the chopstick.
Step 6d - Ensure no large air-pockets are left in the soil.
Step 6e - Take both ends of the anchor wire.
Step 6f - Twist the anchor wire tightly.
Step 6g - The anchor wire will secure the bonsai to the pot.
Step 6h - Remove excess ends of the wire using the wire cutters.

Bonsai Potting Guide Step 7 Step 7 - Water well ensuring the entire rootball is soaked.
Step 8 - Your beautiful bonsai will require regular pruning to maintain & develop beautiful foliage pads.
Bonsai Direct's Fertiliser has been specially formulated and should be used weekly to help promote strength & vigour. Please do NOT feed your bonsai for 4 weeks after re-potting.
Growing bonsai is a journey which I hope you will enjoy for many, many years.




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