Beginners baby bonsai kit - you can choose from 4 bonsai varieties!

We have a new beginners baby bonsai kit where you get to choose from 4 fabulous varieties of indoor bonsai.
Priced at £36.99 this lovely bonsai set would make a fabulous gift set and includes:
* Baby bonsai in a ceramic pot (you choose the variety)
* Drip tray
* Bonsai pruning scissors
* Bonsai fertiliser

The bonsai varieties available are:
* Chinese Elm
* Flowering tree of a thousand stars
* Chinese Sweet plum
* Aromatic pepper tree

For more information about this bonsai set please click on the link below:

Please could you let us know what you think about having the option to choose the variety of bonsai in this gift set. We appreciate your comments. Please add any comments below.

Thank you

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