Bonsai Direct Bonsai Feed

Food for Healthy & Beautiful Bonsai.

This balanced bonsai feed is suitable for all species of bonsai. All bonsai trees reply on us for all the water and nutrients that they require; so a good fertiliser is essential to maintaining healthy bonsai.

Bonsai Feed from Bonsai Direct is very easy to use:

Feed indoor bonsai once a week throughout the year and outdoor bonsai weekly from March to October. Please do not feed outdoor bonsai during the winter rest period.

It is very easy to make up a stock solution of bonsai feed. A 1L watering can is ideal or use any suitable container. Clearly label and add 5ml of the Bonsai Direct Bonsai Fertiliser to 1L of water. Water your bonsai well using the water containing the feed, until the water runs through the drainage holes at the bottom of the pot.

Any remaining solution can be used the next week, so there is absolutely no waste.

You will need to check your bonsai for water between feedings; do not allow your bonsai to completely dry out - keep the soil damp (water as necessary).

Our super-concentrated Bonsai Feed is available in 2 sizes:
- 100ml (makes 20L) - £6.95 inc. P&P
- 300ml (makes 60L) - £9.95 inc. P&P

A 100ml bottle is enough feed to last more than a year for an average bonsai tree.

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Bonsai Feed

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