British Outdoor Bonsai Trees from Bonsai Direct

We offer a wide selection of British Bonsai and Native Outdoor Bonsai trees. Outdoor bonsai trees start at £39.99 including free delivery to most of the U.K. These bonsai would make a great feature in any garden or would make lovely bonsai gifts. Many of the bonsai show seasonal changes and can exhibit some wonderful colours, flowers or fruits.
We stock:

  • English Oak Bonsai
  • Ash Bonsai
  • Beech Bonsai
  • Hawthorn Bonsai
  • European Larch Bonsai
  • Blackthorn Bonsai
  • Native Flowering Cherry Bonsai
  • English maple Bonsai
  • Alder Bonsai
  • Small-Leaved Lime Bonsai
  • Sycamore Bonsai
  • Aspen Bonsai
  • Horse-Chestnut Bonsai

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