Ficus retusa - Banyan Fig Indoor bonsai tree.

The Ficus retusa (or Banyan Fig as it is commonly known) has to be the most unappreciated of all indoor bonsai, but I am not sure why. Some of the oldest bonsai in existence are from the Ficus family.

This bonsai is certainly not fussy about location - it will thrive in most locations and is really very easy to care for.
The canopy of the bonsai is lush and glossy and the leaf size reduces nicely with pruning.
The trunk forms stunning shapes with lovely white mottling of the bark. As if this isn't enough, the Ficus family produce the most amazing aerial root system with roots protruding from the trunk and branches forming fabulous features.

The flowers of the fig bonsai are fairly insignificant but small fruits are produced on more mature bonsai.

In summary, the Ficus bonsai offers everything and are great for beginners!
Please view the link below to see some stunning examples:

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