Indoor Blush Starter Bonsai with Shocking Pink Flowers £19.99

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This little starter/baby bonsai has fabulous lush purple foliage and hot pink flowers.
It is a striking bonsai potted into a contrasting blue round ceramic pot with matching drip tray.
Great fun starter bonsai suitable for beginners.
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Loropetalum (Chinese Blush Tree) Bonsai Flowers Striking Beginners Baby Starter Bonsai with hot pink flowers & Purple foliage.

Chinese Blush Indoor bonsai This pretty purple leaved blush tree come in a blue ceramic pot with matching drip tray £29.99

Chinese Blush Tree Bonsai
Loropetalum Chinensis Rubrum

The Chinese Blush Tree is a member of the Witch-Hazel family and displays stunning purple foliage and bright pink spidery flowers.
This is undoubtedly the most striking and colourful indoor bonsai.

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