Large Mature Specimen Fig (Ficus retusa) Indoor Bonsai - Perfect for Office, Home or Conservatory


This is an absolutely magnificent Ficus bonsai tree, it is very easy to care for and would make a fantastic addition to any home, office or conservatory. It has an immense amount of character and wonderful canopy. This bonsai has an elegant and powerful trunk which is enhanced by a beautiful oriental limestone rock.
* Height (cm): 68
* Age (years): 30
* Pot size: 37 x 28cm
* Trunk diameter is 10cm
* Pot and tray colour: Antique olive green rectangular ceramic bonsai pot & tray
* Matching ceramic humidity tray
* Full care instructions
This Ficus retusa specimen is without doubt one of the most beautiful bonsai I have seen, it is particularly easy to care for so you do not need any bonsai experience to grow this bonsai. It is perfect for beginners and not fussy about positioning. Truly wonderful!

dsc_0002 Incredible Specimen Ficus Bonsai Tree

dsc_0003-2 Wonderful full canopy & branch structure

dsc_0003 Powerful trunk flow and amazing styling

dsc_0014 Pretty rocks & amazing attention to detail


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