Magnificent Specimen Indoor Bonsai Tree - 30 years

This is an absolutely magnificent Ficus bonsai tree; it is very easy to care for and would make a fantastic addition to any home, office or conservatory.
It has an immense amount of character and a wonderful canopy of shiny green leaves.
This bonsai has an elegant and powerful trunk which is enhanced by a beautiful oriental limestone rock.
Set in an antique olive-green pot, this fabulous indoor fig bonsai displays a set of delightful roots peeking out from the surface of the soil.
On top of a graceful, yet chunky, trunk sits an array of impressive, refined branches. This bonsai tree is absolutely stunning and one-of-a-kind!
* Height (cm): 68
* Age (years): 30
* Pot size: 37 x 28cm
* Trunk diameter is 10cm
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Fig (Ficus retusa)
The fig has dark green glossy leaves and is unusual in that it will tolerate lower light levels. The fig makes a fantastic indoor bonsai and should be protected from the frost. It buds back very quickly after pruning and has an immense amount of character in the truck and aerial root system. A very powerful bonsai, fun and easy to care for. It is also less susceptible to pest attack. Protect from cold (min 10oC).

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