Bonsai Best Buy - 18 year old Japanese White Pine Bonsai in Ivory ceramic pot

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This elegant Japanese White Pine bonsai is potted into an ivory ceramic bonsai pot, which compliments the needle colour nicely. This bonsai is evergreen and would make a great starter bonsai. Great for wiring techniques.

Japanese White Pine Bonsai (Pinus parviflora)

Probably the most popular bonsai in Japan. A beautiful evergreen bonsai which needs to be kept fairly dry. Fully hardy outdoor bonsai which will tolerate a sunny position. Forms fantastic trunk and branches, very slow growing with amazing character. Can be styled using both pruning and wiring techniques. Fantastic bonsai.

Height (cm): 64
Pot Size (cm): 26 x 20
Trunk Diameter (cm): 3
Age (Years): 18
Bonsai Pot: Ivory glazed rectangular bonsai pot
Evergreen Outdoor Bonsai

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