Incredible Large Mature Japanese White Beech Outdoor Hardy Bonsai for Sale

Japanese White Beech - (Fagus Crenata)

The Japanese White Beech (Fagus Crenata), also known as Siebold's Beech, is a tree native to Japan. There, it is a feature of many deciduous forests, growing particularly well in north-east Honshū - Japan’s largest island – but is restricted to mountainous areas closer to the south-west. As a tree, it can reach an impressive height of 35 metres (115 ft), where it is topped with a rounded crown. It gives a graceful yet powerful impression, with an easy charm.

In the Western world, however, Japanese White Beech are much more unusual. They are typically found only as a bonsai and, even then, they are difficult to come by. They are a hardy variety of bonsai that is best suited outdoors, making it an easy tree to care for. With a smooth grey bark and simple but striking leaves, it becomes an elegant feature for any garden.

This specific bonsai is a beautiful example of the Japanese White Beech (Fagus Crenata), well-established at 30 years old. From those years, it has reached a height of over 80cm, a substantial and striking example of such a tree. Its exposed roots and nebari enhance this bonsai’s elegance, giving it a unique charm. The trunk extends upwards and tapers gracefully to where its branches then reach outwards, supporting a beautiful crown of large and bright leaves.

It is centred in a dark teal pot – engraved and painted in a bright yellow and red, depicting a scene of blossoming flowers – which only adds to this bonsai’s overall beauty.

Fagus crenata outdoor bonsai for sale Japanese White Beech Bonsai (OD41) with beautiful taper & styling

Lovely teal pot with etchings and spring blossom Lovely teal pot with etchings and spring blossom

Beautiful exposed roots on this mature Fagus crenata  Beautiful exposed roots on this mature Fagus crenata

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