New season Outdoor Bonsai Trees ~ amazing colours

Lloyd has been busy preparing our new season outdoor bonsai. We will be photographing them over the next couple of months. The colours of these bonsai are truly amazing. yesterday we photographed some Japanese Maples (acer palmatum) with golden or purple foliage. If you are interested please visit:


We have new cherry tree bonsai which will be ready to photograph later this week and the hawthorn are in bud too. We tend to upload the images as the bonsai come into leaf during spring. The oak bonsai are usually the last to leaf so they will not be uploaded onto our website until about May.
This lovely Maple bonsai starter pack includes:
* Two very pretty outdoor Maple bonsai.
* one with purple foliage & one with golden.
* Bonsai Feed
* Small bonsai pruning scissors

Priced at only £67.50 this outdoor bonsai kit could be perfect for beginners to the art of bonsai. :

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