Outdoor Bonsai Trees from Bonsai Direct

We have some absolutely stunning outdoor bonsai trees this season, many on special offer, and a wide range of species.
From the evergreen Japanese Black Pines and White Pines to native bonsai such as English Oak, Beech, Hawthorn, Silver Birch and Maples.

We photograph new outdoor bonsai every week at this time of year, as they become ready for sale, so it is worth checking our new stock frequently.

English Oak Bonsai - 15 years English Oak Bonsai - 15 years
Quercus robur

We try to offer a new special offer 'bonsai of the day' on a daily basis and we hope you enjoy our selection of bonsai.

(Fagus sylvatica) 12 years Beech Bonsai Tree
(Fagus sylvatica)
12 years

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