Three amazing outdoor bonsai offers from Bonsai Direct

We have just uploaded 3 massive bonsai with huge savings.
English Maple Bonsai1. Very Large English Maple (Acer campestre) Bonsai Tree

The Field Maple or English Maple (Acer campestre) is one of the hardiest maples and displays lovely autumn foliage colour.
Potted in to a classic unglazed ceramic bonsai pot, which enhances the colours all year round.
Lovey elegant trunk with great proportions. Great native bonsai perfect for beginners and would enhance any garden, patio or decking.
Height (cm): 66
Pot Size (cm): 34
Trunk Diameter (cm): 5
Age (years): 20
Bonsai Pot: Unglazed round ceramic bonsai pot

Hornbeam Bonsai Tree

2. Massive Exposed Root Hornbeam Bonsai
This beautiful exposed root style hornbeam bonsai displays a beautiful and elegant trunk line, with an amazing artistic appearance.
Height (cm): 62
Pot Size (cm): 44 x 34
Trunk Diameter (cm): 5
Age (years): 22
Bonsai Pot: Classic unglazed rectangular bonsai pot.
Deciduous Outdoor Bonsai

Japanese Maple (Acer palmatum) Bonsai Tree3. Massive Japanese Maple (Acer palmatum) Bonsai Tree with Lightning Strike Artistic Effect.

This incredible Acer bonsai has beautifully proprtioned trunk and branches with dead branches towards the top of the bonsai, recreating the effect of lighning strike.
Absolutely stunning bonsai at an outstanding bargain price!
Height (cm): 61
Pot Size (cm): 41 x 32
Trunk Diameter (cm): 6
Age (years): 25
Bonsai Pot: Unglazed oval ceramic bonsai pot.
Deciduous Outdoor Bonsai

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