Beautiful Bonsai Offers from Bonsai Direct

1. Indoor Bonsai - Twisty Chinese Sweet Plum in Midnight Blue Ceramic Pot

Gorgeous indoor bonsai with wonderful styling. Elegant indoor bonsai which displays lovely red/tan new foliage and small purple fruits as it matures.
14 years
WAS £135.00 NOW ONLY £99.99

Sweet Plum Bonsai


2. Outdoor Bonsai - Beautifully styled Hornbeam
Hornbeam (Carpinus betulus)
Displays bright green pointed leaves and smooth silver-grey bark. Often confused with the beech tree the hornbeam makes a lovely native bonsai. The Hornbeam responds well to pruning and buds back very easily. Trunk and branches start to show great character from an early age. A hardy bonsai and very easy to grow. We feel that this is a beautiful bonsai with very pretty foliage displaying lovely veined leaves and a beautiful canopy. Ideal beginners bonsai.
Height (cm): 49
Pot Size (cm): 35 x 26
Trunk Diameter (cm): 2.5
Age (years): 12
Bonsai Pot: Midnight-blue oval bonsai pot.
Deciduous Outdoor Bonsai
WAS £125.00 NOW ONLY £99.99 Stunning Hornbeam Bonsai Tree

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