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Tasteful Premium Bonsai Chinese Elm Bonsai in Bronze pot

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Bonsai Offer of the Day.
WAS £100.00. Today £85.

This is a charming premium range Chinese Elm bonsai tree with a lovely s-shaped trunk and nicely positioned branches.
This is the bonsai which you would receive!

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All the bonsai in our Premium Range come complete with matching bonsai pot and humidity tray. Premium Range bonsai represent the very best in quality. The highest standards are maintained in pruning, styling and repotting, with the use of high grade potting media.

This bonsai includes:
* a premium Chinese Elm bonsai in an ornate ceramic bonsai pot
* Height (cm): 37
* Pot size (cm): 20 x 15
* Pot details: Bronze glazed rectangular bonsai pot.
* Trunk diameter (cm): 3
* Approximate age (years): 15-16
* matching ceramic humidity tray
* full care instructions

Chinese Elm Bonsai (Ulmus parvifolia)
The Chinese Elm makes a truly beautiful bonsai. The leaves are small, bright to deep green and are slightly serrated. The tree has excellent twig structure and has great character throughout, making it the perfect representation of a woodland tree. After time the silvery bark gently peels and reveals shades of red and tan; giving rise to the name Lacebark Elm. In our opinion the Chinese Elm is the most perfectly proportioned, easy to care for and adaptable tree and makes a superb bonsai. The Lacebark Elm can be grown as an indoor or outdoor bonsai and is an ideal as a starter bonsai.

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