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Bonsai Re-potting DVD by Lloyd Noall from Bonsai Direct
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How do i re-pot my bonsai trees?

Lloyd Noall's Bonsai Lessons , Volume 2 , Potting Basics

Lloyd Noall has been growing bonsai for over 25 years and is considered to be one of the top bonsai masters. In this series of DVD's Lloyd shares his passion, knowledge and expertise with you. In volume 2, Lloyd teaches the basic principles and techniques of bonsai root pruning and re-potting. In this DVD the re-potting of a Chinese Elm (indoor bonsai) and Japanese Red Maple (outdoor bonsai) are described in details. The DVD menu enables you to select specific chapters from the 1hr 49min programme content.


* Introduction & the larch
* Chinese Elm (indoor bonsai)
* Removing the Elm from its pot
* Elm roots
* Teasing out the Elm roots
* Japanese Red Maple (outdoor bonsai)
* Bonsai journey
* Teasing out the Maple roots
* Watering
* Elm roots revisited and root pruning
* Elm root preparation
* Choosing the pot for the Elm
* Bonsai pot preparation
* Soils/Potting media
* Potting the Elm
* Maple roots revisited
* Maple roots preparation
* When to re-pot your bonsai
* Maple root pruning
* Positioning the Maple
* Wiring the Maple into the pot
* Soil application
* Soil arranging
* Final touches of Maple re-potting
* A light pruning
* Final chat


* Final look

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