Our Ultimate Beginners Bonsai Tree Kit - why is it recommended?

Our ultimate indoor bonsai tree kit is a fantastic way to get started in growing bonsai and is designed with beginners in mind. The kit includes everything you need to get started with the wonderful world of bonsai cultivation:

The Ligustrum sinense (relative of the exquisite olive tree) is a fast-growing, vigorous variety which is fun to style and prune and perfect for learning wiring techniques. Its strong structure, highly defined shape and beautiful proportions make it ideally suited to be grown as both broom (orchard style) or informal upright (twisty style) bonsai. Due to the mature age of the bonsai (14 years) it is very easy to care for with low maintenance and extremely rewarding to grow. The perfect variety for beginners.

The ligustrum has a lush canopy of well-proportioned leaves and pretty exposed roots making it an exceptionally artistic variety symbolising peace, harmony and friendship. Its larger rectangular blue ceramic pot creates a bigger reservoir of water and the nickel colour mister/sprayer allows you to maintain the correct humidity during colder periods when the central heating is on.

We also include a drip tray for catching excess water, bonsai pruning scissors for styling and shaping and fertiliser to provide the necessary nutrients to keep the tree strong and healthy. Our bonsai care handbook offers further information on bonsai care and cultivation as well as information on other varieties of bonsai trees. We also have in depth training videos on our website from bonsai master Lloyd Noall to help guide you every step of the way.

Don’t miss out on this fantastic offer at only £79.99 (usually £95 if items purchased separately). Remember, as with all orders from Bonsai Direct you can add a personalised message and a variety of gift wrap options to create the perfect present for a friend or loved one.

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The perfect bonsai tree kit for sale from the experts

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