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Today we have a beautiful mature (17 year old) S-Shaped Chinese Elm Bonsai (Ulmus parvifolia) on special offer.

This is a premium range bonsai and is potted into a blue ceramic bonsai pot with matching drip tray.
The Chinese Elm makes a beautiful bonsai, it is easy to care for so it is ideal for beginners and it has wonderful character. The tree has excellent twig structure and really looks like a miniature version of a woodland tree. I love the character and lovely leaf shape of the Chinese Elm. It is not a fussy bonsai and is fun to grow.

* Height (cm): 37
* Pot size (cm): 27 x 21
* Pot details: Sky Blue rectangular ceramic bonsai pot
* Trunk Diameter (cm): 3.5
* Approximate age (years): 17

For more information and other images please CLICK HERE>Chinese Elm Bonsai pE238

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