We have 2 mature, powerful Chinese Elm Indoor bonsai on Special Offer

Clearing the way for new indoor bonsai stock these 2 fabulous large mature Chinese Elm bonsai trees have been reduced in price.

The bonsai on the left has a wonderful powerful character trunk and has been reduced from £275 to only £185. Delivery is free to most of the U.K.
For more information on this bonsai visit: https://www.bonsaidirect.co.uk/item/2455/february-offer---mature--powerful--premium-indoor-bonsai---25-years?ref=4237

The Large Chinese Elm bonsai photographed on the right has a fabulous trunk, 5cm in diameter and stands about 63cm in height. This bonsai was £350 and is now reduced to £199.99. This is an absolute bargain! For more information on this bonsai please goto: https://www.bonsaidirect.co.uk/item/2450/powerful-premium-range-chinese-elm-bonsai--age-25-30-years---bargain-?ref=3290

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