We have just received an e-mail from Heidi, which is very much appreciated at the end of a very busy week!

Brighten's my Friday Afternoon..... all the best Lloyd

Dear Lloyd,

I am writing to say a huge "thank you" for the two wonderful Bonsai trees which I ordered recently, and which arrived safely today, beautifully packaged and surprisingly well hydrated considering they had been in transit. I have had Bonsai in the past; sadly they died. Having decided to try my hand at this art once more, I spent a great deal of time visiting various websites offering Bonsai for sale (around 20 websites in all, I think), and I visited each of them about half a dozen times before I decided to order from you. There were several factors which influenced my decision:

1. Your website is clear, user-friendly and easy to navigate;
2. On some of your trees you put a little note to say "this is the Bonsai you will actually receive". I love this; it is nice to know that I am looking at the actual tree which will be mine, exactly as I would if I were to visit a nursery. I know it's not a marketing ploy as, having placed my order for my trees, I went back to the website a couple of days later and searched for "Little Bill", my Chinese Elm, and he couldn't be found;
3. You offer customers the facility to specify a delivery date;
4. On the day of delivery, customers are sent a message giving them a one hour delivery slot; far better than having to wait indoors all day long (which most of us can't afford to do);
5. Your website is full of hints and tips, including videos giving guidance on various aspects of keeping Bonsai; and
6. You clearly love what you do!
It has been a pleasure to shop with you; I hope my trees thrive and that I return for more in the future. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend you.
Kind regards,
Heidi Charlton

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