Why my favourite bonsai is the Chinese Elm .... by Holly

The Chinese Elm Bonsai (Ulmus parviflolia) is arguably the most popular indoor bonsai in the UK and I love it!

Well styled Chinese Elm bonsai have the most powerful, elegant, twisty trunks, which gives the bonsai character and artistic appeal. Their leaves are a beautiful, light emerald with stunning serrated edges that will give your house a bright, fresh feel, even through the winter. In autumn, the foliage is often flecked with lovely russet colours. The bark on the Chinese Elm has a very natural aged look; so if you're like me and you enjoy going for walks through the woods, then this indoor bonsai is the best example of a woodland tree.

And that's not all! The Chinese Elm is a very fast growing tree, which means I never get bored. I really enjoy styling and shaping my bonsai and the faster it grows the more I get to do. I frequently enjoy pruning on a weekly basis during the spring and summer months. It is a particularly easy bonsai to grow, so I don't need to worry about getting it wrong. It is also not overly fussy about positioning so I can grow one in my bedroom. I feel that the Chinese Elm makes a perfect beginners bonsai!

When I compare indoor bonsai varieties, the striking difference that sets the Chinese Elm apart from all others, is the twiggy and intricate detailing. The more you prune the Chinese Elm the better it gets!

Personally I like a bonsai to display beautiful roots which sweep up from the soil and gently flow into the trunk. It reminds me of a large woodland tree which is well anchored into the soil.

Chinese Elm Bonsai

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