Bonsai pots are integral to the aesthetic and health of the bonsai.

Not only this, but the word bonsai can be broken down into “Bon”, which is a dish or thin bowl (or a modified vessel which has been divided or cut down from a deeper form). And “Sai”, which is a tree or other growing plant which is planted. The Chinese characters for their older dwarf potted tree landscapes were adopted to name the Japanese art-form. Bonsai in Japanese is written as 盆栽

Leaving aside the historical origins and literal meanings, bonsai pots are important to both the aesthetic and health of the tree. There are practical reasons too; such as drainage holes and the natural porosity which prevents the root from rotting.

In keeping with a more traditional style, the pots tend to have a deep colour and be deeply glazed. Typically they are deep blue (to represent water) or deep green (to represent grass). Therefore, it’s all about reflecting the natural world. Our generic pots are a deep navy blue to keep in line with traditional colours.

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