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Growing a bonsai tree is not a difficult thing to do. Like most houseplants, it requires the soil to be kept damp and prefers a position with good daylight but away from strong direct sunlight in mid summer. Firstly, we have covered all the main topics of Bonsai care above, such as watering, feeding, positioning, pruning and repotting. Secondly, our step-by-step guides are produced to help your with wiring, repotting and pruning techniques and can be found in the links above.

Thirdly, we also have a section dedicated to trouble shooting should you have a health issue with your bonsai tree. You can select the symptoms which apply and find advice to fix the problem. We have also included our two bonsai DVDs in the links above. These DVDs include all the basic care information in easy to use chapters. Additionally, we have included an article on how to care for your indoor bonsai tree when you go on holiday.

Furthermore, Bonsai Maintenance is a fun and rewarding aspect of growing and nurturing your little tree. It is a calming and almost meditative aspect for growing. It allows one to be reflective and take time out to prune and enjoy the styling to your individual bonsai tree.

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