How to repot a bonsai tree!

Lloyd Noall’s Bonsai Lessons Volume 2 – Potting Basics. Giving you the insight on how to repot a bonsai tree!

Excellent and informative DVD about how to re-pot both indoor & outdoor bonsai trees, by Bonsai Master Lloyd Noall.
Lloyd teaches the basic principles and techniques of bonsai root pruning and re-potting. In this DVD the re-potting of a Chinese Elm (indoor bonsai) and Japanese Red Maple (outdoor bonsai) are described in details.
The entire DVD has been split into 8 easy to access chapters. We would love some feedback on our videos. You should be able to comment below.

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2nd Chapter

3rd Chapter

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8th Chapter

Repotting bonsai is a crucial aspect of bonsai care. Over time, the root system of a bonsai can become compacted and stripped of nutrients. Repotting, typically done every 2-3 years, involves carefully removing the tree from its pot, trimming the roots (not always essential), and placing it in fresh soil. This process allows the bonsai to access important nutrients, encourages healthy growth, and prevents root-bound issues. The choice of pot and soil mix is also vital, ensuring proper drainage and stability. Repotting is a delicate operation, requiring precision and timing, but it’s essential to maintaining the health and vitality of your bonsai. Check out our range of pots which include guides, wire, mesh and soil!