Aromatic Pepper Tree indoor bonsai
  • Aromatic foliage
  • Easy to care for
  • Interesting glossy leaves
  • Unusual feathery foliage
  • Perfect for beginners
  • Something a little different

Zanthoxylum Bonsai – Zesty Pepper Tree Bonsai for Indoors

The Pepper Tree (Zanthoxylum pipertum) is an outstanding indoor bonsai and has a sweet aromatic peppery fragrance and bright green glossy foliage. Small clusters of tiny white flowers develop from January onwards. The bark is fissured and adds character & age to this very elegant & exciting bonsai. The Pepper Tree is easy to care for and makes an ideal bonsai for beginners. If you want something a little unusual then this would be my personal recommendation. I love it.
Bonsai in general symbolise peace, harmony, order of thoughts and balance.

Zesty Fragrant Leaves when Pruned – Symbolises Peace & Harmony

The Pepper Tree is an outstanding bonsai with a fresh, fruity fragrance which symbolises purification, healing and protection. It also signifies peace and harmony making it an exclusive bonsai tree gift for all occasions such as family birthdays, wedding anniversary gifts and Christmas bonsai tree presents.

Small & Wonderful Mini Indoor Bonsai Tree

Zanthoxylum bonsai are naturally petite, with dainty miniature leaves. The leaves emit a delightful fragrance reminiscent of citrus or pepper when touched, pruned or brushed against. Some more mature Zanthoxylum bonsai produce small, berry-like fruits that turn from green to red or purple as they mature. This is an extremely attractive variety of indoor bonsai; its great for beginners as easy to care for.

Wondrous Vibrant Mini Leaflets – Zesty Clean Fragrance

The leaves are pinnately compound, meaning they have multiple leaflets arranged along a central stem, resembling a feather-like arrangement. This form is very distinctive and quite unusual. Each leaf is made up of several leaflets, usually between 5 to 11. These leaflets are elongated and have an oval shaped appearance. The leaflets have a smooth and glossy texture on the upper surface, which adds to their distinctive design. The colour of the leaves can vary, typically ranging from bright green to a deeper, darker shade, depending on the maturity of the foliage. The leaflets are arranged alternately along the stem, giving the foliage a balanced and attractive appearance. One of the most best features of Zanthoxylum piperitum is that when you prune, touch or brush against its leaves, they release a pleasant and distinctive citrus or peppery fragrance. This aromatic quality is one of the unique characteristics that sets this bonsai apart. It is a fresh and zesty clean smell which is rather attractive.

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