Introduction to Propagating Bonsai Cuttings:

Propagating Bonsai Cuttings. At Bonsai Direct, we take pride in our meticulous propagation process, ensuring the healthy development of our bonsai trees. In this blog post, we will delve into the art of propagating cuttings. As well as the importance of timing, and the sustainable practices we employ. Join us as we explore the journey from cutting to flourishing bonsai.

The bonsai mother 'stock' plant from which cuttings are taken

Taking Cuttings: Harnessing the Power of ‘Natural’ Growth Hormones

To initiate the propagation process, we carefully select stock plants during the correct season. By pruning off the new tips where growth hormones are surging, we capitalise on their potential. This strategic approach allows us to capture the vitality and essence of the parent plant. This ensures the propagation of healthy and robust bonsai trees.

We use a sharp pair of bonsai pruning scissors to prune the young spring growing tips.

Cherry blossom bonsai cuttings
Removing the lower leaves of the cutting

Foam Discs and Sterilisation: Ensuring Clean and Nurturing Conditions

Firstly, we remove the lower leaves on the bonsai cuttings.

To provide the cuttings with a stable foundation, we delicately place them into pre-sterilised foam discs. This process guarantees a clean and hygienic environment, minimising the risk of pathogens or diseases. By implementing these strict protocols, we prioritise the well-being and success of the cuttings as they embark on their journey towards becoming bonsai trees.

Position the cutting carefully into the sterilised foam block
Cherry Blossom Bonsai Cutting - Prunus for a hardy outdoor flowering bonsai tree
Japanese Red Maple bonsai cutting in foam disc
Chinese Elm Indoor Bonsai Cutting

Setting the Stage for Growth: The Importance of Support Trays in Bonsai Cutting Propagation

We take the extra step of transferring them into support trays specifically designed to fit into our propagator. We do this after the pruned cuttings have been placed into the pre-sterilised foam discs. These support trays provide stability and facilitate optimal growth conditions for the cuttings. By securely housing the foam discs, we ensure that each cutting receives consistent misting, proper air circulation, and gentle nurturing within the propagator. This attention to detail and precision further enhances the success rate of root development, setting the stage for the future growth and training of these remarkable bonsai trees.

The foam discs are placed into a tray for be added to the hydroponics propagator unit
One tray is filled with cuttings
This tray is added to the propagator unit
More trays are added until the propagator is full

Hydroponic Misting Propagating Tanks: Creating the Perfect Environment

Within our hydroponic misting propagating tanks, we recreate an optimal environment for the cuttings to thrive. These tanks, powered by our off-grid sustainable solar panels, maintain precise temperature and humidity levels. This eco-friendly approach aligns with our commitment to producing bonsai and gifts in an environmentally conscious manner.

The Significance of Propagation:

The propagation of cuttings is a vital aspect of our bonsai cultivation practices. By propagating our own stock, we can carefully control and preserve the unique characteristics of each bonsai species. This approach allows us to offer a diverse range of bonsai trees, each with its distinct charm and attributes. Additionally, propagating cuttings ensures the sustainability and continuity of our bonsai collection. This enables us to provide bonsai enthusiasts with exquisite trees for years to come.

Nurturing the Cuttings: Root Development and Bonsai Training

Over a span of 4-16 weeks, the cuttings gradually develop tiny white roots, signifying their readiness for the next stage. During this time, they are carefully potted into small flower pots. For this, we use a fine ‘peat-free’ compost for environmental and sustainability reasons. Regular misting and meticulous care allow the cuttings to develop healthy root balls, establishing a strong foundation for future bonsai training.

 Japanese red maple bonsai cutting
 Chinese Elm indoor bonsai cutting with tiny white roots
Cutting ready for being potted


The propagation of cuttings at Bonsai Direct is a labour of love. It is rooted in our commitment to quality, sustainability, and the artistry of bonsai cultivation. By harnessing the power of growth hormones, providing optimal environmental conditions, and employing eco-friendly practices, we ensure the successful development of our bonsai trees. Through this careful process, we are able to share the beauty and serenity of bonsai with enthusiasts who appreciate the craftsmanship and dedication behind each creation.

Potting the bonsai cutting into 'peat free' compost for sustainability and environmental reasons

From Cuttings to Masterpieces: The Art of Bonsai Transformation

Once the bonsai cuttings have taken root and established themselves, a new chapter begins in their journey towards becoming magnificent bonsai trees. This stage involves the skilled practice of pruning, wiring, and nurturing over many years, where careful craftsmanship and artistic vision transform these beautiful little cuttings into breathtaking bonsai creations.

Our experienced bonsai growers dedicate themselves to the art of bonsai cultivation, meticulously shaping and refining each tree with precision and care. Through strategic pruning, they guide the growth and create the desired aesthetic form, ensuring balance, harmony, and a natural appearance.

Wiring plays a crucial role in some species of bonsai training, allowing for the careful manipulation of branches and trunks to achieve graceful curves, gentle twists, and captivating shapes. This technique enhances the overall artistic expression of the bonsai, accentuating its unique character and personality.

Throughout the years of cultivation, our bonsai experts provide the necessary nurturing and maintenance to ensure the health and vitality of each tree. They meticulously monitor watering, nutrient balance, and environmental conditions to create an optimal growing environment for the bonsai to flourish.

Once these bonsai trees have undergone years of patient cultivation and artistic refinement, they are made available for you to enjoy on our website. Each bonsai is a testament to the dedication and expertise of our growers, showcasing the beauty and elegance that can be achieved through the art of bonsai.

Discover our curated collection of bonsai trees, carefully cultivated and transformed from humble cuttings into breathtaking masterpieces. Own a piece of living art and experience the serenity and beauty that bonsai brings to your home or garden.