Anniversary Bonsai Gifts

A stunning collection of anniversary bonsai gifts, beautifully presented for this special occasion. With the option to personalise your gift choice with the name of the celebrating couple and date, make this a truly personal gift idea. Don't forget 5th Anniversary is 'wood' so this is the perfect anniversary present. Our first class delivery courier service enables you to send gifts at short notice or, if you are organised, you may choose the delivery date at the checkout. Delivery is free for most of the UK and care instructions are included.

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  1. Stunning Flowering Bonsai Anniversary Gift

    As low as: £52.50

    A very artistic Wedding Anniversary bonsai tree gift with a beautiful elegant flowering Oriental Tea Tree twisty bonsai which displays pretty white flowers.
    Potted in to a blue ceramic bonsai pot with drip tray, pruning scissors, bonsai feed and foil weddding anniversary heart-shaped tag.
    A beautiful gift. Please add your gift message below. GIft wrap & pot personalisation options listed below.
    Please choose your delivery date at the checkout.

  2. Simple Elegant Flowering Indoor Anniversary Bonsai

    As low as: £43.50

    This elegant indoor bonsai is a S-Shaped Oriental Tea Tree, which comes in an blue pot with a cute Happy Anniversary heart tag.
    An Oriental Tea Tree is the perfect anniversary gift, symbolising courage and heart. It becomes decorated with a beautiful foliage of small white flowers during Summer, creating a pretty centrepiece in any room.
    The drip tray is included with this pretty gift option.
    Please choose your delivery date at the checkout and add a personal greetings message below.
    Free delivery to most of the UK.

  3. Outstanding Flowering Beginners Bonsai Tree Kit - For her

    As low as: £55.00

    A wonderful flowering bonsai kit with small white flowers which contrast beautifully with the blue ceramic pot.
    This bonsai gioft set includes a pretty porcelain heart tag, drip tray, pruning scissors and bonsai feed.
    A great gift to get started in the art of bonsai.
    Free delivery available and the option to personalise with a special message.
    Please choose your delivery date at the checkout. 

  4. Larger Flowering S-Shaped Love You Bonsai Gift

    As low as: £65.00

    An absolutely wonderful bonsai tree gift for her. This delightful larger sized indoor Oriental Tea Tree bonsai with 'Love You' heart tag & accessories can be delivered free to most areas of the UK. Why not personalise with your own special message below? This bonsai tree has a particularly artistic twisty trunk with lovely oriental styling. It displays small white flowers and is extremely pretty. This gift set includes the drip tray, pruning scissors, care handbook and bonsai fertiliser. You may choose your delivery date at the checkout.
  5. Happy Anniversary - The Perfect & Unusual Gift Idea

    As low as: £65.00

    Buy this beautiful Twisty Anniversary Bonsai Plant with accessories and Happy Anniversary tag & foil balloon.
    An inspired gift with FREE delivery to most areas. Choose your delivery date at the checkout.
    This lovely S-shaped bonsai tree is supplied with a drip tray, watering can, pruning scissors, bonsai fertiliser, Happy Anniversary tag and foil balloon.

  6. Beginners Baby Bonsai Tree Gift - With Much Love

    As low as: £41.00

    This is a beautiful bonsai tree gift suitable for many occasions with a lovely 'With Much Love' porcelain tag.
    A lovely flowering broom style indoor bonsai with drip tray, pruning scissors and bonsai fertiilser.
    The small white flowers contrast beautifully against the blue glazed pot.
    Please choose your delivery date at the checkout.
    Delivery is free to most of the UK.
    You can add your message, personalise your bonsai or choose from gift wrap options below.

  7. Perfect together - Happy Anniversary

    As low as: £65.00

    Buy the Perfect together - Happy Anniversary Gift from Bonsai Direct.
    Featuring 2 pretty indoor bonsai trees - the twiggy Chinese Elm and the pretty flowering Oriental Tea Tree.
    Both bonsai are supplied with drip trays and gift wrap & personalisation options are listed below.
    Pretty foil 'Happy Anniversary' balloon is included.
    A beautiful present for a fantastic couple!
    Free next working day delivery  is available or you can choose your delivery date at the checkout.

  8. Wedding Anniversary Gift ~ Chinese Elm Bonsai

    As low as: £39.99

    A pretty Chinese Elm bonsai which is 8 years old and has a lovely twisty trunk. A simple Wedding Anniversary gift with lovely foil white and silver wedding anniversary foil balloon.
    The Chinese Elm is a fabulous bonsai tree for beginners and has beautiful character and proportions throughout.
    Please choose any gift wrap or personalisation options below and select your delivery date at the checkout.

    Free next working day delivery is available to most area.

  9. Sweet Plum Bonsai Anniversary Gift

    As low as: £55.00

    Gorgeous wedding anniversary bonsai tree gift with all the essentials and lovely 'Happy Anniversary' tag & foil balloon.
    This pretty S-Shaped Sweet Plum indoor bonsai comes with drip tray, pruning scissors, bonsai feed.
    We have some lovely gift wrap optiosn below and you can add a personal message.
    Choose your delivery date at the checkout. Free delivery to most areas.

  10. Hugs & Kisses S-Shaped Indoor Bonsai Tree Gift

    As low as: £49.99

    This outstanding bonsai tree gift has a lovely message tag - Hugs & Kisses.
    A very pretty S-Shaped Oriental Tea Tree indoor bonsai tree which displays pretty white flowers during summer months.
    With drip tray, pruning scissors & fertiliser, this bonsai is ideal for beginners.

    Free delivery to most areas.
    Next day delivery available - choose your delivery date in the checkout.

    Please add a gift message or choose from gift wrap options below.

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The Twisty Tea tree indoor bonsai is a personal favourite

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