Christmas Bonsai Gifts

Bonsai Direct is dedicated to offering the very best Christmas bonsai tree gifts, beautifully presented with a first class delivery service. Courier next working day delivery is free to most areas of the UK and we also offer delivery to most European destinations. Every gift is special, beautifully styled with immense artistic appeal and treated with the utmost care and attention. Bonsai trees make stunning, unique and unusual gifts to delight your friends and family. You can personalise any tree with your special words on a personalised plaque label and choose from a range of delightful gift wrap options. For your convenience, you may choose the perfect delivery date. We deliver 7 days a week. Information on CHRISTMAS DELIVERY >

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  1. Merry Christmas Flowering Indoor Bonsai with Ivory pot and tray

    As low as: £39.99

    With a truly oriental flavour this tea tree bonsai with it's winding trunk and bright glossy leaves is perfect to brighten up someones Christmas.
    Potted into a cream ceramic bonsai pot with matching drip tray.
    The Oriental Tea Tree (Carmona microphylla) is a simple & elegant bonsai ideal for growing indoors. This bonsai has pretty white flowers during summer months & lovely green, shiny & waxy foliage. The leaves are unusually shaped & well proportioned. They grow in neat clusters allowing the flowers and branch structure to be clearly visible. A highly appealing & artistic bonsai. This variety likes a warm position in your home and prefers to be kept damp and not too wet. Ideal for warmer rooms. The Oriental Tea Tree is a stunning, artistic bonsai with beautiful white flowers which symbolises courage and 'heart'.

  2. Our Ultimate Easy Christmas Bonsai Gift - LARGE SIZE - 15 Years

    As low as: £135.00

    Our ultimate Christmas Indoor Bonsai Gift set. Designed with complete beginners in mind.
    An absolutely phenomenal Christmas bonsai gift set - the bonsai is outstanding and symbolises peace and friendship.
    A well established larger sized Ligustrum sinense indoor bonsai [a relative of the Olive] makes an outstanding fast growing character bonsai which is fun to prune and easy to care for.
    This kit includes everything you need to look after your bonsai.
    * A powerful, 15 year old S-Shaped beginners Ligustrum Indoor bonsai in blue or cream rectangular ceramic pot with superb styling and highly refined structure.
    * Drip tray
    * Bonsai Care Handbook
    * Pruning Scissors
    * Berry Merry Christmas tag
    FREE next working day delivery is available to most areas or you can choose your delivery date at the checkout.
    Bonsai Direct offers delivery 7 days a week.
    Gift wrap & personalisation options are listed below.
    The ligustrum sinense symbolises peace and friendship. A wonderful gift with a truly beautiful meaning. Be inspired...

  3. Outstanding Indoor Christmas Gift

    As low as: £49.99

    If you are looking for something unusual this Christmas, a present to delight friends and family this delightful twisty flowering bonsai gift set would be perfect.
    Free delivery to most areas. You can choose your delivery date at the checkout.
    Gorgeous flowering twisty bonsai tree with drip tray, bonsai feed & pruning scissors.
    Merry Christmas tag included.
    The Oriental Tea Tree (Carmona) has wonderful depp green glossy leaves which really highlight the dainty white flowers.
    An ideal sized bonsai for a windowsill or desk.

  4. Outstanding Larger Sweet Plum - A Wondrous Christmas

    As low as: £79.99

    An outstanding Larger sized Sweet Plum indoor bonsai with beautiful oriental styling.
    Potted into a blue ceramic bonsai pot with matching tray. This is an exclusive choice!
    A porcelain 'Merry Christmas' tag makes this a delightful gift choice.
    This bonsai symbolises protection, creatativity, new life & warm wishes.
    Supplied with full care instructions.
    Please select your delivery date at the checkout - we deliver 7 days a week.
    Gift wrap and greetings messages can be added from the options below.

  5. Authentic Christmas Bonsai Gift - Festive Green

    As low as: £54.99

    An all round favourite.
    The Chinese Sweet Plum is a firm favourite with it's amazing foliage colours and little  purple fruits during summer.
    This lovely gift comes with ceramic bonsai pot decorated with natural jute and Merry Christmas ribbon.
    A Merry Christmas tag, bonsai fertiliser, pruning scissors, and drip tray are all included in this fabulous gift set.
    The Chinese Sweet Plum has lovely sincere meanings - creativity, new life, protection and warm wishes.
    All our bonsai are supplied with full care instructions. An easy bonsai to care for so it is ideal for a complete beginner.
    Gift wrap and personalisation options are listed below.
    Please choose the best delivery date at the checkout - Bonsai Direct delivers 7 days a week.
    FREE delivery (Monday - Friday) to most of the UK.

  6. Christmas Carmona with Merry Christmas Log

    As low as: £38.99

    The Carmona or Oriental Tea Tree Bonsai loves to be warm, making it ideal for the modern home.
    With its bright green leaves and pretty white flowers it makes a striking indoor bonsai.
    The Christmas log it makes a great festive gift, a gift with a beautiful meaning - Courage & Heart 
    Why not personalise it with your own Christmas message? - options listed below.
    You may choose your delivery date at the checkout - FREE delivery is availble to most of the UK.

  7. Special Offer Christmas Bonsai Kit - Great Starter Kit

    As low as: £52.00

    Buy the Special Offer Christmas Bonsai Kit from Bonsai Direct. This is a fabulous bonsai tree, with wonderful proportions and lovely twiggy structure.
    Ideal for growing indoors and perfect for beginners.
    Lovely 'Merry Christmas' Log pick.
    The drip tray, pruning scissors and bonsai fertiliser are included with full care instructions.
    FREE delivery to most areas and you can choose the delivery date at the checkout.
    A seasonal gift to delight friends & family this Christmas.

  8. The Ideal Unusual Christmas Gift - Unique & Inspired

    As low as: £39.99

    This stunning Baby bonsai Unusual Christmas gift set is absolutely delightful.
    A flowering variety, the Oriental Tea Tree symbolises courage and heart and has small white flowers, which contrast beautifully with the 
    You may order now & choose Christmas delivery. There is a calendar at the checkout which allows you to select the exact delivery date.
    Supplied with full care instructions.
    Free delivery to most areas. FREE next working day delivery available.

  9. Beautiful Baby Christmas Bonsai Gift Set - Choose the Variety

    As low as: £39.99

    Cracking little Christmas indoor bonsai tree set with drip tray, pruning scissors, feed & care handbook.
    Free delivery available - please choose the delivery date at the checkout.
    Lovely Merry Christmas log pick. Perfect for friends & family.
    Full care instructions are included and you may select the bonsai vareity from the dropdown box below.
    All varieties are suitable for indoors.
    Gift wrap and personalisation options start at £1.50 and are listed below.

  10. Sweet Plum Fruiting indoor bonsai - Symbolises Protection, Creativity & Warm Wishes

    As low as: £46.99

    A delightful Broom/Orchard Styled bonsai potted into a blue ceramic pot
    A contemporary & elegant bonsai with simple clean lines.
    Lovely red tones on the new foliage and as the bonsai matures it produces small purple fruits.
    The Sweet Plum symbolises Protection, Creativity and Warm Wishes
    This lovely Christmas beginners indoor bonsai tree kit is supplied with the drip tray, pruning scissors, bonsai feed and a red star-shaped Merry Christmas tag.

    Care instructions will be provided and delivery is free to most areas.

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Bonsai Tree GIfts for Christmas

Unbelievably beautiful festive Christmas Gifts to delight friends and family.
Select delivery anyday on the run up to the festive period.
All you need this Christmas in our Christmas Bonsai Tree Shop

Are you struggling with secret Santa stress? Unsure what to get your family and friends? Our range of carefully selected bonsai Christmas presents are a unique gift that won’t be forgotten. 
As well as being a wonderful aesthetic addition to a home, bonsai tree cultivation is a truly fascinating ancient art form and the gift of a bonsai tree could be the start of an exciting new hobby for a friend or loved one that will bring pleasure and enjoyment for years to come. 
We also offer a range of accessories, bonsai kits and tools that can make great stocking fillers and offer beautiful gift wrap options, allowing you to create a truly unique and unforgettable gift.

Our Ultimate Easy Christmas Bonsai Gift - LARGER SIZE - 14 Years

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The Ultimate & comprehensive beginners Christmas bonsai kit

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