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This bonsai is stunning Fig (Ficus) that has been grown into a beautiful orchard style. A variety of bonsai which quickly gains its own character, the aged bark has remarkable silvery striations that aid to give it a unique identity. The Fig tree has a strong significance regarding both spiritual and physical health, while also representing love and fertility.
From a powerful trunk extend well-positioned branches, giving rise to large forest-green leaves that are so integral to the Fig. These glossy leaves reach outwards to give this bonsai a vibrant and strong appearance. This Fig is an easily identifiable variety of bonsai, that appears with both elegance and strength.
This bonsai is centred in a deep sea-green lotus-style pot, joined by an emerald green ceramic tray. Resting atop the soil is an Ornamental Chinese Temple.

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Product Description

The Ficus is part of the fig family. It is a very easy indoor bonsai to care for and is not fussy about positioning.
It will tolerate lower light levels that other bonsai varieties will not.
A fabulous bonsai with bright green shiny leaves.


All the bonsai in our Premium Range come complete with matching bonsai pot and humidity tray. Premium Range bonsai represent the very best in quality. The highest standards are maintained in pruning, styling and repotting, with the use of high grade potting media.
*This bonsai is 29cm in height.
* Age: ~8 years
* The trunk diameter is 2.5 cm. 
* The pot size is 15 x 12 cm. 
* Forest green lotus shaped ceramic bonsai pot 
* Matching humidity tray
• FREE bonsai care leaflet 
• FREE delivery to most of the UK. 

Bonsai Variety

Fig (Ficus retusa) 

The fig has dark green glossy leaves and is unusual in that it will tolerate lower light levels. The fig makes a fantastic indoor bonsai and should be protected from the frost. It buds back very quickly after pruning and has an immense amount of character in the truck and aerial root system. A very powerful bonsai, fun and easy to care for. It is also less susceptible to pest attack. Protect from cold (min 10oC).  


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