Dwarf Mounatin Pine Evergreen Outdoor bonsai - 15 years


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This lovely dwarf mountain pine (Pinus mugo) makes a beautiful hardy evergreen bonsai with pretty dark green needles.

This bonsai has a superb strong stature and is potted into a very tasteful engraved ceramic oval pot.

It displays a beautiful neat habit and would be fun to enhance by styling, wiring & pruning.

This is a very easy variety of pine to grow; it is not fussy about location and is suitable for most environments including coastal areas.
It prefers to be kept slightly dry and like most pines does not liket o be over-watered.

Traditionally in many cultures the pine tree is viewed as an honorable, strong, and wise being. It is held in deep reverence, much more so than other trees. The pine is also associated with masculinity and power.  A tree that gives as much love and nurture to us as we've given to it.


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Product Description

This splendid Pinus mugo outdoor bonsai has a powerful, yet elegant  and shapely trunk with good taper. It has excellently positioned branches and looks lovely. Height: 75cm. A bonsai classic.



Height (cm): 44
Pot Size (cm): 31 x 16
Trunk Diameter (cm): 3
Age (Years): 15
Bonsai Pot:  Unglazed engraved oval bonsai pot.
Evergreen Outdoor Bonsai

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